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Get Painkiller Lite

From pkzone.org
Painkiller Lite is a reduced edition of the original Painkiller. It does only include the multiplayer side of the game. You don’t need the full game anymore.
This is a Lite version of the game with only MULTIPLAYER part. This version is based on the Painkiller MP 1.35 demo but contains the last game patch (1.64). Custom maps are not included. In order to play this special version of the Painkiller game online, you still need an original CD-Key to be able to play it. For those of you who doesn’t have one, just write your email on this site [pl.cdprojekt.com] then clicking ok and you will get one for free.

Painkiller Lite [pkzone.org] | Mirror() [gfax.ch]

You will also need the following files:

PK++ ver 1.3 [pkzone.org] | Mirror() [gfax.ch]
PK++ 1.3 Update [pkzone.org] | Mirror() [gfax.ch]

PK Lite & PK++1.3 package [planetzxy.com]

In case you need a CD Key, just put an e-mail address in HERE [pl.cdprojekt.com] and it will send you a cd key.
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