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  • Stay off the servers until it's your time to play, watch whatever stream is provided so the servers stay clear for players/admins to move in and out.
  • All matches will have a 10 minute time limit
  • Stay in our IRC channel while you are not in a match
  • Cointoss(!cointoss heads|tails) is to be done on server during warmup mode
  • When match countdown begins, NO SHOOTING IS ALLOWED(bug), if shooting occurs and it causes spawn damage, match will be subject for review DQ/restart
  • No ghosting/coaching
  • No spiked models
  • Don't modify the level textures, beyond picmip. Picmip is OK.
  • Colored/alternate rocket/grenade/shuriken/stake trails are OK
  • Colored rockets/grenades/stakes are OK
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